let's play.

Oh, how I love imaginary play, it's layered with learning. And it's a great way to beat the winter blues.

This morning there was surfing going on in my living room with homemade surf boards.

This afternoon, the girls asked if they could make up their own experiment. It ended with water, sugar, cinnamon, lots of bowls, stirring, and pouring. [Sometimes I think I've lost my mind.] This picture is before the real mess. Ha!

I told them they could do what they wanted as long as they cleaned up. They are at the age where doing dishes is cool. So they happily obliged.

And in case you are wondering, Lincoln has spent most of the day in my arms, as teething has gotten the best of him. Except for this rare moment. 

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Amy Carter said...

My siblings and I used to make "concoctions" where we were allowed to mix anything from the cabinet together. It usually ended up a smelly paste of spices. Sometimes my mom would even let us put it in the oven if it was a "cake" we were making.

And we would "swim" in our living room. We'd put a sleeping bag (Sesame St.) on the floor and jump off the fireplace ledge.

I love imaginary time! A+ job Abra!